Rigvir Vaccine 

Rigvir is the first registered alternative therapy, and the one and only genetically unmodified virus available worldwide to fight cancer.

52 years ago in Tokyo, Japan, the pioneer of the oncolytic virotherapy, Prof. Aina Muceniece, presented one of the first research on a combination treatment of RIGVIR virotherapy with chemotherapy. Since then, many studies have been made and were able to prove prove that virotherapy is a safe and effective treatment to fight cancer.

Oncolytic virotherapy (OV) is an innovative cancer treatment using a special viruses, capable of finding and destroying malignant tumor cells in the body. Rigvir is the first registered and still the one and only genetically unmodified virus available worldwide to fight cancer.

The virus acts in a process called oncotropism: After being administered, it finds the malignant tumor cells and infects them by replicating itself inside the cells. This process is called oncolysis. Not only it destroys cancer cells, but the virus also activates the immune system, which job is to target and kill malignant cells.

In this video you can see this virus treatment in action:

Some of the advantages in using virotherapy over chemo or radiation therapy:

  • Virotherapy only destroys tumor cells and does not affect healthy cells.
  • Virotherapy activates the body’s natural defense mechanisms by stimulating the immune system, which is often suppressed by conventional cancer therapies.
  • Virotherapy is often useful against tumors that show no response to radiation or chemotherapy, such as melanomas.
  • Virotherapy can be used at any stage of the disease and in various stages throughout the treatment process: Before / after surgery and in-between radiation or chemo treatments.
  • Virotherapy is recognized as a safe and efficient cancer treatment method.

RIGVIR therapy has shown high success rates in combination with other therapies. Many of the scientists developing oncolytic viruses confirm that combined with immunotherapy treatments, it can improve the efficacy of the treatment up to 62%. Nonetheless, Rigvir therapy is also widely and successfully used in combinations with other conventional and integrative / holistic treatments.

While a large number of oncolytic virotherapy agents is still in clinical trials, the ECHO-7 virus (RIGVIR) is an already approved, clinically proven, safe, and effective medication – affordable and available on a “named-patient” basis all over the world.

Successful study cases of Rigvir virotherapy in Melanoma stage IV, Small Cell Lung Cancer stage IIIA, Histiocytic Sarcoma IV):


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For researches on using oncolytic viruses in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors:



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