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BioMed Hospital is considered to be one of the leading hyperthermia centers in Europe. This relatively small hospital consists of 100 beds, including private rooms and double rooms, and offers a variety of conventional and holistic treatments.

The hospital is located less than 2 hours northwest of Stuttgart and and 1.5h south of Frankfurt, Germany. It has over 100 employees, including doctors, psychologists, and therapists that are there to ensure your well-being and address your concerns. The hospital has 8 loco-regional hyperthermia machines and has been successful in treating patients with different types of cancer for over 25 years. While they aim to use natural substances and as less as possible toxins in their treatments,  they understand the importance of combining conventional therapies in certain cases.

Cancer Types mostly treated at this clinic: Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Ovarian cancer and Pancreas cancer, bone metastasis are treated as well. BioMed clinic treats soft tissue sarcomas only, no hematological (blood) types of cancer.

Patients are typically staying at the hospital during treatment, especially if you’re a new patient. This allows the staff and doctors to monitor your response to the treatments, and provide you with a more effective care. The typical stay is from 10-16 days to 3 weeks. Loco-regional hyperthermia treatments are given every day except for Sundays, with certain infusions such as high-dose vitamin C or mistletoe, and other treatments detailed below.

BioMed Hospital believes that comprehensive cancer treatment isn’t just about surgically removing tumors and chemotherapy or radiation, but about reconstructive therapy to increase the efficacy and strength of the body’s immune system in order to normalize cell function and minimize any damage related to conventional treatment. BioMed also believes that a person’s mental state greatly impacts their quality of life and their ability to heal. This is why they offer psychological treatment from therapists with extensive experience with the particular needs of cancer patients.

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