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In reality, any attempt to treat only a part of the patient will encounter far less than the desired outcome.

The International Bio-Care Hospital was founded in 1984 by Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues. Dr. Rodrigues is an internationally recognized pioneer in metabolic, nutritional, and regenerative medicine with over 30 years of experience in cancer treatment as well as treatment of other degenerative diseases.

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International Bio-Care Hospital offers an end-to-end facility which includes medical staff 24/7, accommodation for patients and a companion, transportation, and organic meals at their restaurant managed by an in-house chef, as well as a bakery that offers special gluten-free bread. International Bio-Care Hospital considers organic food and regular healthy meals to be an essential part of detoxifying the body and helping it regain strength; therefore, this is an important part of the treatment plan. Since the hospital has that aspect of recovery covered, patients at IBC do not need to cook for themselves or seek organic groceries and restaurants outside of the medical facility.

IBC Hospital rooms are well equipped for patients and a companion. They include 2 beds, a large bathroom, Wi-Fi, cable TV, a basic kitchen, and a small work desk.

Another important advantage of care at IBC Hospital is that patients who are exhausted and less mobile can get the entire treatment they need while lying in bed in the comfort of their private room, day and night (some treatments are better absorbed while the patients are asleep).

Dr. Rodriguez and his entire staff are fully dedicated and committed to the patient’s well-being from the moment they arrive at the hospital. International Bio-Care’s philosophy and methodology is: “There are no 2 patients alike; therefore, each patient should be looked at and treated individually with a tailor-made treatment plan that best fits their medical condition and needs”.

The hospital combines different types of treatments in order to improve patients’ general well-being as well as to stop cancer from spreading, eventually working towards a complete healing of the body. It might take several years to gain complete health. This depends entirely on the patient’s status once arriving at the hospital, his or her cooperation, and sticking to the treatment plan both at the clinic and at home.


The entire staff at International Bio-Care Hospital, from administrative professionals to nurses, doctors, and even chauffeurs, have been working at the hospital almost from day one, so they’re very much like one big happy family in that sense. Having come from different medical backgrounds including nutrition, oncology, neurology and more, they provide patients with complete knowledge and assistance in all the medical aspects of treatment as well as emotional ones.

International Bio-Care operates as a hospital, which makes all treatments available day and night. Some of them are given while the patient is asleep in order to reduce side effects – for treatments such as low-dose chemotherapy, and to be able to sedate the patient. A treatment plan for a first-time patient usually consists of 21 days of treatment for a cancer patient, or 2 weeks of therapy for cellular treatments or detoxification. The treatment plans are tailored to each patient according to the condition in which he or she arrives at the clinic and may include the following treatments:

  • IV nutritional support (for patients who cannot eat or who need to gain weight)
  • Hyperthermia treatment
  • Hyperbaric chamber (oxygen enhancement treatment)
  • Laetrile
  • Autologous tumor cell vaccine
  • Ozone therapy
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Glutathione
  • Alpha lipoic acids
  • DMSO
  • Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)
  • Low-dose chemotherapy
  • Detox therapy
  • Chelation

In addition to the above therapies, the hospital is fully equipped for any emergencies and has doctors and nurses working day and night. It is highly recommended for patients who require closer attention or who are not fully independent.

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