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“It is a scientific fact that antioxidant vitamin C will promote oxidation when circulating in very high concentrations in the blood”, says Dr. Contreras, medical director of Oasis of Hope Hospital. “Healthy cells tolerate high doses of vitamin C because of an enzyme called ‘catalase’, that neutralizes the oxidation immediately. Catalase is abundant in our blood and in healthy tissues, but found in limited quantities in malignant tumors. The lack of catalase in cancerous tissues allows vitamin C’s oxidative activity to selectively kill malignant cells”.

Vitamin C is one of the best-known vitamins, especially when it comes to preventing or treating a cold. However, Vitamin C also efficient in many other illnesses, considered much harder to treat than a simple flu. It has been evidenced that people suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer can benefit from high-dosage vitamin C IVs. Although illegal in the US as a cancer treatment, it is commonly used as part of cancer treatment protocol by many doctors and clinics in Germany, Mexico, Israel, Australia and Latvia.

Vitamin C may inhibit tumor growth by enhancing the production of interferon, and halting the progression of carcinogenic n-nitrous compounds, which are strongly linked to stomach and colon cancer. N-nitrous compounds are mainly present in food preservatives, smoked fish, bacon, etc. Avoiding these foods would be a good step in preventing cancer, and of course is an integral part of the healing process.

Most of the clinics would provide high doses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) diluted in a solution and administered through a slow intravenous drip, either daily or few times a week, as part of their cancer treatment protocol. Other than fighting cancer cells, vitamin C has a known effect on our immune system, it enhances its activity and the overall health in the patient’s body.

Regarding nutrition, there are endless ways to get Vitamin C, from lemon and red peppers to kale and broccoli. For more nutritional guidance, please visit Dr. Axe’s website, who shares free tips on how to enhance vitamin C into your daily diet.


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