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We focus on reactivating the patient’s self-healing powers which can lead to spontaneous remission, even in late-stages.

Focusing on the patient’s individual circumstances and condition, Hufeland Klinik concentrates its treatments on building up the immune system and invoking the self-healing powers that are present in all of us. Located in Bad Mergentheim Germany about equal distance between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Hufeland Klinik was founded by Dr. Wolfgang Woeppel.

This German clinic is able to help even those who are in the most advanced stages of cancer, and typically treats: Breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer,  colorectal cancer, pancreas cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine corpus cancer. The age of the patient has to be over 18 years old.

Instead of viewing bodily disease as something to be fought against or aggressively removed, the doctors and staff at Hufeland Klinik understand that disease is an expression of disharmony in both the body and mind. At Hufeland Klinik, your treatment is specific to the factors that caused your individual disease. Their proven immunotherapy treatments help to fortify the immune system and regenerate your spirit. As a small clinic with about 50 rooms, Hufeland Klinik maintains a personal atmosphere while providing a wide range of therapy options. The staff of this smaller clinic works closely to fully accommodate and provide the best medical treatment to each and every patient.

Hufeland Klinik’s primary objective is to find the right counseling and treatment for each individual patient. Their goal is to create harmony between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Each case is unique and each combination of therapies will be unique in order to provide the best care possible.

Even if a patient is considered “incurable”, Hufeland’s treatments still offer a chance. Even if they cannot fully heal a cancer, in the majority of patients they can at least stop the progression of the cancer and add more years and better quality to your life.


The compassionate staff at Hufeland Klinik is wholeheartedly committed to the health and wellness of each and every one of its patients.

Hufeland’s medical team is experienced at treating cancer of all levels of severity. Please note that Hufeland Klinik only admits patients who are mobile and able to walk independently. Hufeland Klinik is also unable to accept patients suffering from acute leukemia, acute AIDS, acute infectious diseases, or serious heart conditions.

The clinic’s immunotherapy typically doesn’t depend on the type of tumor, but how a patient’s body responds to treatment. In severe cases, the clinic will consider combining their immunotherapy with mild conventional treatment if deemed necessary. Hufeland focuses its immunotherapy approach on three processes:

  1. Activation of the immune system

  2. Regeneration

  3. Detoxification

To continue with these processes, Hufeland provides therapies that are in line with their mission of empowering the self-healing influences of the body and mind. The diverse range of therapies includes:

  • Using the healing springs of Bad Mergentheim to stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process (via the liver, kidneys, and intestines)
  • Twice weekly Ozone Therapy
  • Twice weekly infusions of vitamins, trace elements, plant extracts and more.
  • Multistep oxygen therapy to enhance metabolism
  • Thymus extract to regenerate the body’s defenses
  • Local or regional hypothermia
  • Whole body or local hyperthermia
  • Regeneration of intestinal flora
  • Electrotherapy
  • Low dose chemotherapy or hormones if urgently necessary
  • Pain Therapy
  • Psychical Therapy
  • Fever Therapy
  • Psychotherapy and psychological stabilization
  • Art Therapy
  • Meditation and Spiritual Therapy
  • Individual talks
  • Relaxation Exercises (including breathing and muscle)
  • Meditation
  • Hypnotherapy


Hufeland Klinik recommends registering for admission 3-4 weeks in advance. If you’re in urgent need of treatment, the clinic staff will do their best to accelerate the admission process.

The cost of your stay at Hufeland Klinik covers:

  • All medical services and therapies (if special treatments such as blood transfusions or consultations with outside specialists are necessary, these will be charged for separately)
  • Chemotherapy, infusions, and other medications
  • Double-bed room with private balcony, TV, telephone, and full board
  • Internet access in the media area and library
  • Three meals a day seven days a week and mineral water and tea for free. Patients with food allergies can be accommodated; the food is mostly vegetarian
  • Accompanying person with full board
  • Washer and dryer for patients to use
  • Transfer from Frankfurt International Airport or Stuttgart Airport to the clinic on arrival and back to the airport from the clinic on departure (included with a minimum stay of 14 days)
  • Your medical report and therapy plan translated into English
  • 10% discount if no companion comes with you

All rooms have a private bath with towels provided. Patients typically stay in single rooms, but some rooms with double beds are available for the accommodation of a companion.

As Hufeland Klinik does not have contracts with any type of health insurance plans, patients will need to settle their accounts directly with the clinic. The clinic recommends clarifying possible coverage with your health insurance company in advance. A deposit is required before treatment begins.

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