How can I trust the clinics / doctors on this site?

The clinics and doctors presented on this site are the ones existing longer, with the better patients reviews and better success rates. Cancer, as well as many other chronic diseases, is a complex condition that must be treated as such. We do not work with clinics or doctors that promise “magic” remedies, or quick and definite recovery. All of our doctors are experienced M.Ds, who review professionally each and every medical file sent to them, and speak honestly to the patient about the ability to help in each case. ChemoAlternatives has visited many clinics and chose to write only about the ones presented on this website, according to strict standards.

Why can’t I find a local clinics in my hometown?

Most of the therapies provided by the clinics introduced on this site are unavailable in the US, and in most of the western countries except for Germany and Switzerland, due to local legislation. You may find some doctors in different states who can offer some of the treatments, but not the entire treatment protocol, including the freedom to use and combine natural substances as an integral part of the treatment. 

Do clinics pay to be listed in ChemoAlternatives?

No. There is no fee to be listed here. Clinics or doctors cannot “buy” ads here, and cannot pay us in order to be promoted or listed on this site. This fact enables us to maintain an objective, unbiased reviews for our patients.

Do I need to pay you anything? How do you make money?

ChemoAlternatives is entitled for a fee paid by the clinic for the patients we refer to them. Patients do not pay anything for the service and/or information provided by ChemoAlternatives. The price is set by the clinics and ChemoAlternatives does not add or reduce any fee for our guidance services. We may however, in some cases, get a discount from the clinic on behalf of a patient, for our close relationships with the clinics. If you choose not to use our guiding service, you may reach out to the clinics directly over email or phone. We may also introduce you to the clinics over email if you wish, and would appreciate it if you could mention to the clinic you first heard about it from us.

How can I tell which clinic to choose?

With the support of ChemoAlternatives you can get in touch with several clinics in the location of your choice. ChemoAlternatives will forward your information to the clinics and will come back to you with replies from the different doctors. You will then be able to compare and see who gives you the best response and analysis. Consultation calls will be then scheduled for you with the different doctors, so you can ask all that comes in your mind. After that you can make an educated choice about which clinic to go to. We also recommend to keep your local physician or oncologist involved before traveling to any of the clinics, to make sure your condition allows it.

How much does a second opinion cost me?

The medical opinions from all doctors are free of charge, except for Dr. Oren Kaholi (Israel), who provides a complete analysis and home protocol as part of the consultation. The price in this case is set by the doctor’s office. With ChemoAlternatives you can have your medical file reviewed by multiple doctors, get a second opinion, an estimated treatment plan, duration and cost. This way, you can compare between the different facilities and make our decision.

Are the treatments safe?

The treatments detailed on this website and provided by the different clinics are of Integrative Medicine approach. They are all administered by medical doctors and approved medical facilities. We recommend to always consult your physician and do some reading before deciding about which route to take to treat your condition.

Can I go back to my local doctor or hospital after visiting one of your clinics?

We highly recommend that you would always keep your local physician or oncologist updated with the treatments you choose to go through abroad. Following up with your doctor is important, just like keeping following up with your integrative doctor. None of the therapies given in the integrative clinics contradicts conventional therapies. In fact, they help enhance the conventional therapies most of the time, and Integrative clinics may include conventional treatments in your treatment plan.

What are the success rates for each type of cancer?

Each clinic holds its own registry of medical outcomes and list of statistics. You may discuss this information directly with the clinics, before deciding which facility to be treated at.

Cost & Fees

The information provided in this website, emails and calls is free of charge. Our other services of contacting you with the clinics and scheduling consultation calls are free too.

If you require further services, such as: Translation of the medical file, travel & visas, accommodation, phone consultation, airport pickup and transfers, the fee is of $500.

Can I use my medical insurance to pay for the treatment?

If you have a private insurance, please contact your agent and consult this. Social and state insurances usually do not cover treatments abroad, and patients pay out of their own pocket. Some of the clinics may offer a comfortable payment plan and even help with funding. This matter should be addressed directly with the treating clinic.


For further questions or assistance, please email us: info@chemoalternatives.com


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