Mexican Clinics

The Mexican Clinics

Many clinics specialized in chronic conditions have been established in the early 80’s in Tijuana, Mexico, just across the Californian border with the US. These clinics specialize in Integrative Oncology and Integrative Medicine for different type of chronic diseases, and receive patients from all over the world. All treating practitioners are medical doctors (M.D); some of them are oncologists with years of backgrounds, working in conventional cancer centers and hospitals. There is a link with Integrative Cancer Clinics in Germany, where most of the treatments have been originally developed.

ChemoAlternatives has visited the leading clinics in Tijuana, met with the doctors and staff, interviewed patients, and chose to recommend the best rated ones, according to the following parameters: The medical staff, years of experience, success rates, treatments offered, patients’ testimonials, facility, price and location.

We invite you to a virtual tour at the clinics, get to know the doctors and the therapies offered in each and every clinic:

An end-to-end facility which includes medical staff 24/7, full boarding and more.

An outpatient clinic offering daily IV treatments, organic meals, airport pick-up and more.

The traditional Gerson Therapy combined with IV treatments, amazing location. 

We don’t treat cancer, we treat people.

The treatment approach offered in Tijuana clinics is of Integrative Medicine, treating the patient as a whole and striving to heal all critical immunological organs, not just trying to eliminate the tumor. The doctors and nutritionists work closely with patients with different types of cancer in different stages of the disease. The treatment is aimed at strengthening the immune system, reducing pain and side effects caused by conventional treatments, and improving the patient’s’ quality of life. The conventional therapies are much better tolerated thanks to the natural treatments, and the body is stronger in fighting the disease.

Improving the general physical and emotional health of the patient, detoxing the body and eliminating the factors that help cancer thrive, enhances the therapies, helps them to fight the cancer better, as well as help to prevent recurrence. This is achieved by infusions of detoxing supplements, multivitamins, personalized nutrition, anticancer natural infusions and drinks, oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, and more.

Most Mexican clinics offer similar combined treatments in order to achieve this goal, with some differences in the types of treatments, technology on site, services provided, and of course the facility and its costs.

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