German Clinics

The German Clinics

German clinics have been known for their integrative cancer treatments for more than 5 decades now, providing dozens of natural and non-toxic treatments to hundreds of international and local patients. All the therapies conducted in Germany are authorized by the German ministry of health and all clinics are licensed by the German government. These clinics can be found mainly in rural areas of fresh air and beautiful nature, yet they are located close enough to international airports, to the patients’ convenience.
ChemoAlternatives has visited the leading clinics featuring in the famous book “German Cancer Breakthrough” by Andrew Scholberg, and recommends the top ones based on parameters such as: The medical staff, treatments offered onsite, years of experience, types of cancers treated and patients’ reviews:

BioMed Hospital is considered one of the leading hyperthermia centers in Europe.

Patients at Klinik Marinus will find it has a very different feel from a traditional hospital.

Using “gentle medicine” to support the patient and restore the immune system.

There are no two patients alike.

Personalized medicine is the key concept on the German clinics, and the therapies are adjusted to each and every patient according to the patient’s general health, age, current symptoms, additional health conditions etc. The German doctors’ approach of treating patients with integrative or functional medicine, is restoring the immune system and providing the body with what it needs to heal itself. It is done by nutrition, detoxification, oxygen enhancement, physiotherapy, electro-magnetic fields treatment and more.
There are many different German clinics and doctors of integrative medicine, as the law in Germany allows treatments of this medical approach, and even encourages trails with medicinal herbs and natural substances. The general concept is: Try to use as less toxins as possible, and help the body heal by itself, as this is its natural purpose.

The differences between clinic are in the facilities offered, prices, location and in some of the treatments. Getting your medical file reviewed by the doctors and having some phone consultations will help you choose what’s the best fit for you.

The German Doctors

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