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BioMed Hospital is considered to be one of the leading hyperthermia centers in Europe. This relatively small hospital consists of 100 beds, including private rooms and double rooms, and offers a variety of conventional and holistic treatments.

The hospital is located less than 2 hours northwest of Stuttgart and and 1.5h south of Frankfurt, Germany. It has over 100 employees, including doctors, psychologists, and therapists that are there to ensure your well-being and address your concerns. The hospital has 8 loco-regional hyperthermia machines and has been successful in treating patients with different types of cancer for over 25 years. While they aim to use natural substances and as less as possible toxins in their treatments,  they understand the importance of combining conventional therapies in certain cases.

Cancer Types mostly treated at this clinic: Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Ovarian cancer and Pancreas cancer, bone metastasis are treated as well. BioMed clinic treats soft tissue sarcomas only, no hematological (blood) types of cancer.

Patients are typically staying at the hospital during treatment, especially if you’re a new patient. This allows the staff and doctors to monitor your response to the treatments, and provide you with a more effective care. The typical stay is from 10-16 days to 3 weeks. Loco-regional hyperthermia treatments are given every day except for Sundays, with certain infusions such as high-dose vitamin C or mistletoe, and other treatments detailed below.

BioMed Hospital believes that comprehensive cancer treatment isn’t just about surgically removing tumors and chemotherapy or radiation, but about reconstructive therapy to increase the efficacy and strength of the body’s immune system in order to normalize cell function and minimize any damage related to conventional treatment. BioMed also believes that a person’s mental state greatly impacts their quality of life and their ability to heal. This is why they offer psychological treatment from therapists with extensive experience with the particular needs of cancer patients.


The staff at BioMed Hospital wants to support your recovery journey both on a medical level and a mental one. The team believes that human beings are a unit that consists of a psyche, spirit, and body. Therefore, while their holistic approach aims to eliminate tumors, they also maintain a focus on giving patients a personal, carrying care, and the resources they need to continue a healthy lifestyle outside the clinic.

At BioMed Hospital, your treatment will be a partnership, as the best can only be achieved by working together. You will take the decisions about your treatment with the help and guidance of your doctors, psychologists, and physiotherapists, who will work with you towards the goal of improving your health. The team will customize a treatment plan according to your needs and individual state of health, taking into consideration how you want to deal with the disease.


Understanding tumors mechanism of development and growth, BioMed Hospital has chosen the following therapies to fight cancer and heal the body:

Hyperthermia Treatments:

  • Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH)
  • Regional Deep Hyperthermia (RDH)
  • Intraperitoneal Hyperthermic Perfusion (IPHP)
  • Superficial Hyperthermia (SHT)
  • Thermoablation Therapy (Thermotherapy)

Thymus Therapy
Mistletoe Therapy
Orthomolecular Medicine
Oxygen Therapy
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Integrative Therapies:

  • Chemotherapy / Hormone Therapy / Pain Therapy
  • Immunotherapy / Immunomodulation
  • Hyperthermia / Fever Therapy
  • Psycho-oncology / Spiritual care
  • Conventional Naturopathic Treatment
  • Psycho- oncological Care

Mental well-being therapies:

  • Psychodrama
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Imagination
  • Breathing and Relaxation
  • Body Work

BioMed Hospital typically recommend repeating your treatment again in 3-4 months. This gives the body time to boost its immune system and respond to the changes that have taken place at the hospital. In addition, some patients continue to come once a year for a whole body hyperthermia and detox treatments, even though cancer free, to make sure there is no recurrence.


The clinic offers the following services and accommodations for patients:

  • 100 beds, single and double rooms, a private balcony.

  • Satellite TV and radio, telephone, free Wi-Fi throughout the hospital.
  • Accommodations for companions: One extra person can stay with you in a two-bedroom for a small additional fee. Another option is a private room in the suite, including sleeping quarters, a separate TV, and a private balcony. Any additional companions will need to make other accommodations nearby.

  • Meals: You’ll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily in the dining room. An on-site cook will do everything possible to accommodate special diets or allergies according to your wishes.

  • The nearest airport is Frankfurt Main (FRA), which is less than 100 miles to the north. Another option is Stuttgart Airport (STR). Patients usually arrive in a taxi or rent a car.

  • Discharge plan: At the end of your stay you’ll receive a detailed discharge letter with recommendations to continue your treatment, as well as a recommended return date for your follow-up treatment at the hospital.

Important notes:

1. The rooms available are limited. You’ll need to inquire about admissions before booking your trip and be sure to reserve a room in advance.
2. BioMed will only admit patients who are able to walk unassisted. In addition, patients with acute infectious diseases cannot be admitted.
2. New patients are always treated as in-patients, as they need to be monitored carefully on their first stay.


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