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ChemoAlternatives may use the details that you provided in the framework of your visit and/or activity on the Website and in the information that it will collect about your use patterns of the Website by tracking your activity on the Website (including by way of cookies) in the following cases:

For the purpose of improving the services, the information and the content that ChemoAlternatives and/or third parties offer and/or will offer on the Website to you personally and/or to all or to part of the visitors on the website.

In order to inform you about various services that may be of interest to you and that are offered by ChemoAlternatives and/or by third parties. In such event ChemoAlternatives may bring to your knowledge such information: 1) to your residential address or to another address 2) to the email address that you provided 3) to your cellular phone device by way of a messaging service on your telephone screen 4) to your voice mail function of your cellular telephone device, if all the above mentioned details were provided by you upon your visit to the Website.

For the purpose of analysis and delivery of statistical or other information to third parties including advertisers, provided that such information will not be personally identifiable by name.

To contact you if necessary.
To maintain the Website.
To track your activity on the website subject to the provisions of this agreement and subject to applicable law.
If you wish to discontinue receiving any information from ChemoAlternatives in relation to the services of the Website as set forth above you may contact ChemoAlternatives at any time at a specific email address that will be assigned for that purpose and we will respond.

ChemoAlternatives will use the details that you provide pursuant to the provisions of applicable law and including the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 1981 ChemoAlternatives reserves the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy. Such updates will be published on the Website and will enter into force within one week of their first publication.

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