Dr. Melba Romero

Meet Dr. Melba Romero

Meet Dr. Melba Romero

Dr. Melba Romero is fascinated by chemistry and the way different materials affect the human body and mind. She specializes in nutrition, the fundamental source of every healthy human being, as well as chronic fatigue disorder, the primary sign of a failure in our immune system and defense mechanism. She has devoted her life to educating and treating chronic disease patients with natural medicine. Dr. Romero graduated from the University of Baja California Medical School three decades ago and from that day on, she’s been with the International Bio-Care Hospital.

Implementing an integrative approach to treatment, she combines conventional and alternative modalities along with the latest international biomedical research and clinical practice. She aims to regain homeostasis by stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself, nourishing the patient’s body, mind, and spirit to achieve this.

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