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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

This is the quote you’ll find written on the dining room wall at Northern Baja Gerson Center, the first clinic to combine Gerson Therapy in conjunction with other therapies for immune system restoration.

Located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Northern Baja Gerson Center offers full accommodation for the patient and a companion, including 3 organic meals a day and freshly squeezed juices, following the Gerson Therapy’s juicing protocol. The clinic has 10 double rooms and so can only receive 10 patients at a time. The rooms are fully equipped and the clinic includes a nicely furnished living room with ocean-view balconies, a television communal space, a dining area, and a treatment area. All rooms have Wi-Fi although it’s advised that patients use it for a limited time in order to avoid MMA radiation (before you become a patient, you’ll receive a full guide of the clinic rules & regulations).

On the clinic’s grounds, you’ll also find a private beach, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a gym, as well as an outdoor Jacuzzi. The gym and pool facilities are more for the benefit of the patients’ companions, as patients are not advised to do any exhausting physical activity and are to avoid chlorine (which is found in the pool’s water and the Jacuzzi). However, they can absolutely enjoy the sun and fresh air, calm walks on the beach, and the beautiful view, as well as use the Jacuzzi located within the clinic itself, which contains ozone water and actually constitutes part of the treatment plan.

Much has been taught and documented about Gerson Therapy, and many centers in San Diego, Mexico, and Bulgaria help spread Dr. Max Gerson’s method for healing.  In Northern Baja Gerson Center, you may find an easy start to your new lifestyle, as it introduces the diet and teaches you its principals during the entire stay. In addition, you are to participate in
organic cooking workshops, juicing classes, and to learn about different
recipes, in order to continue the diet at home.

In addition, you are to participate in organic cooking workshops, juicing classes, and to learn about different recipes, in order to continue the diet at home. Although the treatment for cancer patients lasts 21 days, patients have to continue the therapy at home for at least 2 years in order to generate a radical change in their health and to help reverse the disease. After 2 years, patients should, for their benefit, of course, maintain at least 85% of the diet and therapy in order to keep well. Dr. Patrick Vickers, the founder of this clinic, says they wouldn’t want it any other way – “Once you’ve changed your life and started feeling well, you won’t want to get back to living like you did before”:

About the Staff

The staff in NBGC is highly trained; they have a rigid daily schedule to follow in order to help the patients regain optimal health. They’re in charge of serving fresh juices to the patients 13 times a day (!), helping them learn the basics of the diet, and organize their day so they can follow the therapy’s principles. The entire staff, from the cooks to the nurses and therapists, is very kind, making patients feel comfortable. The stay at the clinic is pleasant and tranquil.
It is to be noted that the clinic doesn’t have oncologists on board, as its approach is to maintain the pure Gerson Therapy along with additional natural treatments.

Northern Baja Gerson Center practices the same Gerson’s Dietary Therapy, developed by Dr. Gerson until 1959. This diet includes freshly prepared fruits and vegetable juices, vegetarian meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, supplements such potassium compound, pancreatic enzymes, stomach enzymes, CoQ10, vitamin C, Vitamin B12, coffee enemas, herbal teas, and more.

Along with Gerson Therapy, Northern Baja Gerson Center offers additional treatments to help fight cancer and other degenerative diseases such as Lyme disease, diabetes, heart conditions, and more. Among these treatments you can find:

Hyperthermia therapy (water based treatment)
Oxygen enhancement therapies
Ozone therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Laetrile (B17)
High dose intravenous vitamin C
Beamer math
Coley’s toxins therapy
Dendritic cell therapy
Infrared therapy
Frankincense oil
Natural enzymes

Low doses of chemotherapy given on the insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) method are also offered here, in the event that they’re necessary. The therapies plan is adjusted according to the patient’s condition when arriving at the clinic, personal needs, and budget.

The clinic also provides routine basic tests, such as: SMAC (Chemistry Panel), CBC with Differential, Urinalysis, EKG, and specific tumor markers as needed.

Gerson Clinic

The combination of Gerson Therapy along with additional treatments helps patients enjoy both worlds of therapies and doesn’t restrict them to only one. On the other hand, this is also the reason why Northern Baja Gerson Center didn’t get the official Gerson Therapy certification. As the Gerson Therapy Institute supports only nutritional change, along with detox and supplements, it doesn’t certify any clinic that adds other treatments which are not part of Dr. Max Gerson’s therapeutic method.

Dr. Patrick Vickers welcomes you to take a tour of the Northen Baja Gerson Center. Visit the facility, the clinic’s rooms, learn about the treatments, the Gerson’s kitchen, and more:

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