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Laetrile, amygdalin, is an extraction taken from apricot seeds, peach, apple, bean sprouts and other fruit seeds such as bitter almonds.

Cell Therapy

Personalized vaccines developed from the patient’s own blood cells, to stop the cancer process from spreading in the body.

Chelation (EDTA)

Chelation therapy is a chemical process in which a synthetic solution, called EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid)

Coffee Enemas

It is a procedure of rending the small intestine alkaline, detoxify the liver, and restore bowel regularity. It helps detoxifying the body and is combined with diets; juice fasting, chelation and enzyme therapy.

Coley Therapy

A toxins therapy, extracted from Staph and Strep infections’ bacteria, injected into cancer patient’s connective tissue in order to shrink cancer tumors.


a very potent anti-inflammatory with pain-killing properties. It was primarily used to alleviate animals such as horses and cows from joints pain.


Home/Hyperthermia This treatment approached is based on the fact that unlike normal cells, cancer cells cannot survive in high temperatures, since they lack the ability of regulating heat.


IPT, or Insulin Potentiate Therapy, is one way of administrating chemotherapy on a low dosage, trying to aim as much as possible cancer cells and leave healthy cells undamaged.

Vitamins IV

a very potent anti-inflammatory with pain-killing properties. It was primarily used to alleviate animals such as horses and cows from joints pain.

Oxygen Enhancement Therapies

inserting more oxygen into the body, would help reverse this process, or at least stop it from growing. All alkaline oriented therapies, in general, help reduce acidity in the body

Proteolytic Enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and keep the cancer from spreadingto also can be useful for a multitude of healing processes, sometimes used exclusively and sometimes in combination with other therapies.

Mistletoe Therapy

Mistletoe therapy plays a major role in integrative medicine for cancer patients. Integrative doctors around the world are seeking for therapies in addition to conventional treatments, in order to alleviate cancer patients from the harsh side effects.

Integrative and functional medicine combines modern treatments and natural ones with the purpose of achieving total health. Getting all the key organs to work properly and not focusing solely on the sick organ is the best approach for achieving the desired result. Learn about the different treatments and therapies integrative medicine has to offer. The common approach around natural & integrative cancer treatments is that the body has allowed the cancer to evolve in it since there is a miscommunication between the body and its immune system.

Everyone has got cancer cells in the body, but while the person is healthy and has got a functioning immune system, it knows how to detect those cells in time and evacuate them from the body, together with the rest of waste and toxics. However, if the immune system is oppressed and loaded with toxins, it cannot function well and therefore it loses the communication with the body it is in charge of, so disease can evolve and spread. Doctors who treat cancer with integrative medicine describe the reason for cancer in the following way: Cancer does not just happen one day, you are not healthy and then suddenly you “get cancer” and then you’re sick. You are sick for a long while, as your immune system is oppressed, and therefore your body develops cancer.

Doctors who take this approach claim that the source of a healthy or an oppressed immune system is within the intestine, where all of the problems and diseases can start, as well as can get cured. What we let in our body and the way our body digests it, will define the strength of the immune system and therefore our state of general health. This same therapeutic approach sticks to the saying “let food be that medicine”, meaning, the food that our body absorbs can either overload the immune system or harm its proper functioning, or, it can strengthen it and therefore cure us. In order to do the “switch” from a cancer state to a healthy state and a good quality of life, the body needs to get the materials and important elements that can nurture it, as well as anti-toxins to purify the body and help relieve it.

To summarize the above, nurturing our body while sick, especially after treatments given in orthodox hospitals, such as chemotherapy, radiation etc., is a crucial part for gaining strength. The method is simple and it starts with changes every person can do at home: Stop consuming refine sugars of all types, including sodas and soft drinks. Stop consuming white flour, processed salt, and generally speaking, avoid eating any product that has the ability of lasting long on the shelf – this kind of products are filled with preservatives which are not healthy to our body and cannot nourish it. It is important to base our diet on as many fruits and vegetables possible, but we need to make sure they are not contaminated with pesticides, that they are organic and have grown in the most natural way possible.

The use of pesticides in the agriculture industry might help serve us with larger quantities and better-looking fruits, but it actually misses the entire purpose of nurturing our body and giving it what it actually needs. Same thing goes for meat and chicken products, integrative doctors are not against eating meat, but if it grew up being fed with growth hormones and antibiotics, living in a crowded and therefore dirty environment, this meat will not nourish our body and eventually will make us sick. All meat, chicken, eggs should be from an organic source if possible, in order to prevent from eating the toxins the animals were fed with, and get a real nutritional value out of consuming them. About milk and dairy products, it is recommended not to consume them at all, but if we do, we need to make sure the products are organic, and preferably non-diet and non-processed, from goat or buffalo. Dr. Romero from IBC hospital in Tijuana says milk is for little kids that need to grow, but that there is no other animal, except for humans, that keeps consuming it while already grown up.

Moving on to a healthier diet, with no pesticides, toxins, hormones, antibiotics, preservative, non-processed, non-pasteurized, without refined sugars and white flour, already helps the body to clean itself and evacuate toxins from the blood, tissues ,cells and essential organs. Giving the body what it needs, food with real nutritional values, helps it regain its strength, prevent and also fight existing diseases.

In addition to the food we eat, it is also advised to be aware of the air that we breathe, avoid smoke, soot, industrial chemicals, and of course avoid cigarettes smoke.

Other than nutrition, there are important materials that are very useful in removing toxins from the body, as well as in “bothering” cancer cells and stop them from spreading, delaying the spreading of an existing tumor and strengthening the immune system. In the different integrative clinics those materials are given in an intravenous manner, generally on a daily basis for at least 21 days, each clinic with its own treatment plan and of course in accordance with the patient’s condition. The general approach in most natural treatments for cancer is to help the body become less acidic and more alkaline, raise the P.H level in the blood, tissues and body fluids and help instill oxygen. This treatment approach aims to make the cancer get uncomfortable in our body, and as it needs acidity in order to evolve, an alkaline body environment makes it difficult for cancer to survive. Cancer does not like oxygen either and so inserting high doses of oxygen into the body cells, weakens it.

Here is some information gathered at the clinics in Tijuana, or from internet sources, about the different integrative therapies and treatments available for cancer patients.

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