Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) was first discovered by Dr. Alexander Zaizeff in Russia in 1866,  as a very potent anti-inflammatory substance with pain-killing properties. It was primarily used to alleviate animals such as horses and cows from joints pain. Eventually, Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Herschiller in 1966 discovered the broad therapeutic spectrum of DMSO, and especially its role as a chelating agent (purifier of heavy metals) as well as a catalysator for the entry of compounds across the blood and brain barriers.

DMSO is also a very potent transporter. Used in treatment, it can carry important biologic natural “weapons” into the cells, without altering the integrity of the cellular membranes. It is administered through a slow IV drip during a booster treatment of multivitamins and nutrients. It helps improve the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. No side-effects have been registered except for a certain temporary oyster or garlic odor.

Dr. Alvarez from Stella Maris Clinic talks about DMSO and its benefits during or after therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation, and explains how it helps minimize the toxicity level and reduce side effects in the patient:

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