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ChemoAlternatives provides information regarding Integrative Oncology & Non-toxic cancer treatments, clinics and doctors worldwide.

Our Vision:

We believe that being healthy is a right,not a privilege, and it should not depend on where you live or what set of rules your healthcare system is obliged to. The field of science & medicine is an ever-evolving one, and the orthodox treatments protocols we see at the hospitals nowadays are not fully updated, and in many aspects, are not satisfying. There is so much more that can be done for cancer patients, diabetics, people who deal with heart diseases and many other conditions that today’s conventional medicine defines as “chronic”, or in other words, incurable. This is why we research and explore the Integrative Medicine approach and bring this information to you.

Our Mission:

We strive to promote healthy lifestyle and the prevention of diseases, healthy diet and nutrition, and to encourage you to learn about the different treatments that exist for different types of degenerative, chronic diseases.
If you read this site while already sick and looking for ways to heal, our mission is to help you find the best clinic or doctor for your particular condition. We specialize in Integrative Oncology clinics & Integrative Medicine doctors worldwide. Our work is to keep exploring all the time, so we can find trustworthy clinics in multiple locations and help you get treatment in the one closest to your home. If traveling is required, we also help you to arrange that, so that you will have to worry about nothing but getting better.

Our Values:

We believe that health should be available for everyone, and that the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, prevention of diseases and the variety of available treatments should be transparent to all. Cancer and other chronic diseases is an increasing problem of the last 50 years. The lack of education and information on the subject, along with economic interests, are preventing from the majority of the people to learn about healthy lifestyle and treatment options in case of need. We believe that people around the world should always have a say when it comes to their health, and an access to treatment of their choice.

ChemoAlternatives has been founded in late 2016, thanks to a personal experience of mine, the founder of this initiative. After finding a relief for my mother’s cancer condition at a special cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, I have decided to live there and explore this field of medicine, called Integrative Oncology. I have visited many clinics, learned about the treatments, interviewed doctors and patients, heard personal success stories and about ways to prevent cancer. I have accompanied many cancer patients along the way, and after 2 years I bring this information to other people looking for different routes for healing, other than the orthodox, conventional ones.

Today, ChemoAlternatives works closely with clinics in Tijuana, Germany and Switzerland, and has established close relationships and fruitful collaborations with additional doctors in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Israel and the UK. We will be honored to accompany you in your journey for healing, and help you get all the information you need in order to make the best choice for your health.

Rivka Lavi
founder of ChemoAlternatives

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