IVs of Multi-Vitamins

Most clinics would have one bag of IV called “multi-vitamins” IV, given daily as part of the treatment. In general, those IV bags would contain minerals and vitamins which are very helpful in the process of trying to restore body’s energy, cleansing its organs and tissues, encouraging the activity of the immune system and so on. Most IV bags would include the following compounds; however, every clinic manages its own combinations and dosages:


Selenium is a mineral, one of the antioxidants used in combination with other natural therapies, such as Alpha Lipoid Acid, Vitamin A, C and E, Beta Carotenes, SOD (Superoxide dismutase), Glutathione and more, to lower the risk of cancer by preventing free radicals from damaging the body cells. Selenium may also protect the body against contaminants such as mercury, cadmium, and silver, help speed the elimination of cancer cells, and slow tumor growth.

Information Source: IBC Brochure.
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lutathione (GSH) is an important antioxidant in all plants and animals, including us humans. It is helpful in preventing damage to important cellular components, caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals. It is also an important compound and essential for the functioning of our liver. A crucial role of glutathione is the elimination of free radicals from our blood and tissues, and a lack of glutathione in our body may cause many dysfunctions and diseases.  Free radicals can initiate cancer development and growth, as one of the problems it causes is in the regulation of oxygen into the cells. As we’ve already mentioned, lack of oxygen leads to a more acidic environment, which cancer “feels comfortable” in. As part of the treatment offered to cancer patients should focus in eliminating these free radicals, so that the body can absorb more oxygen.

Glutathione is also used as a master detoxifier and antioxidant in the body. For further reading, please visit:

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Vitamin C:

One of the best-known vitamins, especially when it comes to preventing or treating a cold. However, Vitamin C also efficient in many other illnesses, much worse than a simple flue. Patients whom suffer from degenerative diseases such as cancer can be benefit from high-dosage vitamin C IVs. Although illegal in the US as a cancer treatment, a doctor can subscribe it for patients with a flu or a cold. As you may realize, the controversy behind the benefits of this vitamin is more related to interests and politics, we shall focus on the health benefits and on the way it can help cancer patients fighting the disease:

Vitamin C may inhibit tumor growth [1], helps the production of interferon, and halts the progression of carcinogenic n-nitrous compounds, which are strongly linked to stomach and colon cancer. N-nitrous compounds are mainly present in food preservatives, smoked fish, bacon, etc., hence, avoiding these foods would also help in the prevention of cancer as well as in the healing process.

During the patient’s booster treatments of multi-vitamins, high dosages of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are diluted in a solution and administered through a slow intravenous drip.

Nutrition wise, there are endless ways to get Vitamin C, from lemon and red peppers to kale and broccoli.

For more nutritional guidance, please visit:

Visit Dr. Axe’s website for more tips on how to enhance vitamin C into your daily diet.

[1] Information source: http://www.stellamarisclinic.com/cancer_natural_therapies.html

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Finally, to improve the absorption of all the above nutrients, vitamins and minerals, comes the DMSO. Dimethyl Sulfoxide was first discovered by Dr. Alexander Zaizeff in Russia in1866 as a very potent anti-inflammatory with pain-killing properties. It was primarily used to alleviate animals such as horses and cows from joints pain. Eventually, Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Herschiller in 1966 discovered the broad therapeutic spectrum of DMSO, and especially its role as a chelating agent (purifier of heavy metals) as well as a catalysator for the entry of compounds across the blood and brain barriers.

DMSO is also a very potent transporter. Used in treatment, it can carry important biologic natural “weapons” into the cells, without altering the integrity of the cellular membranes. It is administered through a slow IV drip during a booster treatment of multivitamins and nutrients. No side-effects have been registered except for a certain temporary oyster or garlic odor.

Dr. Alvarez from Stella Maris Clinic talks about DMSO and its benefits during or after therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation, and explains how it helps minimize the toxicity level and reduce side effects in the patient:

Amino acids

Providing the body with amino acids would be included in most integrative cancer treatments, together with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. The logic behind it is that the body is lacking amino acids, essential compounds found freely in organic foods, due to malnutrition. There are different types of amino acids, as the molecular structure is different between one amino acid and another but all of them contain 4 main elements: Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. 10 amino acids out of the main 20 are considered to be essential, and can only be absorbed by food.

Amino acids are the material from which protein is built of. Some of the proteins contain 3 amino acids and others may contain hundreds. They help keeping the body balanced and enable it to effectively fight diseases. Some of the amino acids encourage cells growth and reproduction, while others help in slowing the invasion of cancerous cells to healthy tissues, particularly when combined with Vitamin C.

It is essential to know which amino acids to use per any medical condition, as if we are dealing with a tumor, we would not want to encourage cells growth, but we’d rather seek for ways of shrinking it. One of the ways for doing so, is to cut the blood supply especially created for this tumor by the body, by stopping the creation of these blood vessels. If we could deprive the body from Elastin, the protein in charge of the formation of new blood vessels, we could minimize and in some cases, stop the growth of the tumor completely. Stopping the formation of this protein is done by depriving the body from the amino acids on which it is consists of, such as: Proline, glycine and the three BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine. This can be achieved by dietary change, removing foods that contain those amino acids, supplements and antioxidant treatments. Antioxidants are effective for removing harmful products from our body, the ones who cause the dismantling of the body and its aging.

Information Source: The BioCare System, IBC Hospital, Tijuana.

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