Dr. Jose Henriquez

Meet Dr. Jose Henriquez

Meet Dr. Jose Henriquez

A Medical Doctor with over 30 years of experiences in treating cancer patients in different stages of the disease, of different types. Specializes in natural cancer treatment.

With a 75% success rate on over 1,100 stage IV cancer procedures, Dr. Henriquez demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication, providing hope and positive outcomes for patients facing disturbing prognosis.

A Dedicated Career in Medicine and to Helping Cancer Patients


  • Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara Medical School – Dr. Henriquez received his medical education at a prestigious institution in Mexico.

Clinical Experience:

  • Internship: Del Mar Hospital (now Oasis of Hope) – Dr. Henriquez gained valuable hands-on experience early in his career.
  • Manner Clinic: Dr. Henriquez served as an attending physician for four years, honing his clinical skills.
  • IBC Hospital: For an impressive 19 years, Dr. Henriquez held leadership positions including attending physician, head of research and development, and head of the whole-body hyperthermia department, demonstrating dedication and expertise.
  • Verita Life Mexico: Dr. Henriquez continued his dedication to patient care in this role.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Whole Body Hyperthermia: Dr. Henriquez is a specialist in this innovative treatment option.
  • Phlebology: Dr. Henriquez possesses specialized knowledge and experience in treating vein disorders.

Professional Highlights:

  • Collaborations: Dr. Henriquez has actively collaborated with renowned institutions and colleagues, showcasing his commitment to knowledge sharing.
  • Speaker: Dr. Henriquez has shared his expertise at prestigious conferences, demonstrating leadership and knowledge dissemination.
  • Publications: Dr. Henriquez has contributed valuable insights to the medical field through published articles.
  • Leadership Roles: Dr. Henriquez has held leadership positions throughout his career, demonstrating initiative and responsibility.
  • International Experience: Dr. Henriquez has a global perspective, lecturing extensively worldwide.

Professional Affiliations:

  • International Clinical Hyperthermia Society: Dr. Henriquez is actively involved in this prestigious organization, demonstrating commitment to his area of expertise.
  • American College of Phlebology: Dr. Henriquez actively contributes to this professional association, further enhancing his knowledge and expertise.
  • Tijuana and Baja California Medical Association: Dr. Henriquez is engaged with his local medical community.

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