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Israeli Doctor- Dr. Oren Kaholi

About Dr. Oren Kaholi

About Dr. Oren Kaholi

Dr. Oren Kaholi (DNHSc, Ph.D.) was born in Israel in 1978.

He has vast clinical experience of more than a decade in diagnosing, treating and providing medical solutions for thousands of patients with a wide range of all acute & chronic diseases. Dr. Kaholi has developed and founded in 2007 the innovative PRAÏUM medical solutions system.

Dr. Kaholi’s medical career began as a qualified combat paramedic in the Israeli army. He then completed in excellence the extensive study and internship program of Chinese Medicine, as well as practical studies of Western medicine in Hannya Medical College of Naturopathic & Chinese Medicine. The college is a branch of Ashford Hospital, which is a Western-oriented hospital in Adelaide, South Australia.

Dr. Kaholi’s thesis for his Doctor of Natural Health Science (DNHSc) degree in Universidad Empresarial, is an innovative work on the subject of PRAÏUM Medical Solutions system titled: “An Integrative System of Medicine – Combining Western Science with Eastern Wisdom”. The thesis expands on PRAIUM Medical Solutions philosophy, origins and both its medical and economic benefits and advantages, especially in this modern age. The thesis also demonstrated in detail PRAIUM Medical Solutions way of diagnosis, establishing a treatment strategy and the phenomenal results in curing what is conventionally regarded as “incurable” cases.

Dr. Kaholi treats patients world-wide, including the USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and more. He lectures and teaches on preventive medicine, right nutrition and lifestyle, diagnosis, treatment and medical philosophy.

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