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Dr. Eyal Attias – Israel

Dr. Eyal Attias

Dr. Eyal Attias

Dr. Eyal Attias, M.D, general surgery specialist, has complieted his medicine studies in the Ben-Gurion university in Beer-Sheva, Israel. He did his internship in “Shaarey Tzedek” Hospital in Jerusalem, and then ar “Meir” Hospital in Kfar-Saba, Israel, where he had continued directing the trauma department for 4 years (between 2000 and 2004). During his years of work in different hospitals and departments Dr. Attias has treated very complex patients and conditions, from heart diseases and vascular diseases to advanced diabetes with deep ulcers. Patients whom the conventional medicine is not able to offer any solution but amputation, that in many cases leads to coplications and death. This fact has broght Dr. Attias to search for other solutions, striving to a real improvement in the patient’s condition as well as quality of life, and avoiding surgery or amputations as much as possible.

In 2002 Dr. Eyal Attias has founded a clinic that specializes in hard to heal, complicated wounds and diabetes foot in the “Maayaney HaYeshua Center”, Bney-Brak, Israel, which he has managed for 4 years.
Today, Dr. Attias is leading 3 clinics in 3 locations in Israel: Natanya, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, where he treats patients of different chronic conditions. For patients whom are not able to arrive to one of the clinics, Dr.Attias also runs home visits and even visits to the hospital where the patiets is hospitalized, with a special approval from the head of department of course.

Dr. Attias treats patients with coplext different medical conditions: Vascula diseases, diabetes, patients whom have gone through a stroke or are in danger of having one, heart faliure, kidney faliure, peripheral vascular diseases that usually cause necrosis and deep, non-healing wounds in the feet, and more. Due to the nature of the treatments and the holistic approach, that subsudises the narrow vision of the conventional medicine, the shair amount of knowledge that has been accumulated during the practice and the ability to treat patients whom the medical system has given up on, patients of different and divers medical conditions choose to be treated by Dr. Eyal Attias.

Cancer patients whom are dealing with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, that surprise the immune system and often deteriorate the quality of life of the patient are seeing Dr. Eyal Attias in order to receive a supportive treatment and to rehabilitate the body from th harsh treatments they have been going through. Dr. Attias’s cancer supportive treatemtns may replace in many cases the medications patients are given to deal with side effects, narcotics which are usually highly addictive and cause other side affects as lack of sleep, loss of appetite, problems in the bowels and even depression. The rehabilitation process offered at Dr. Attias’s clinics helps the patient to streghen the immune system and feel more vital and active in his life, and strives for a high quality of life for both the patient and family.  

The idea behind this treatment approach says that if we help the body restre the basic components and nutrients it needs in order to get stronger, it will also help the patient deal with the disease better and enhance the conventional treatments affect. Like with any other treatment that is not conventional and based on passively absorbing drugs, the patient has to take an active part in his or her healing process. Patients are involved in the healing strategy and build together wth Dr. Attias their rehabilitation program, every individual in his/her own pace and according to one’s ability, gently but with a lot of persistence, to achieve the patient’s goals and get the quality of life and vitality back in order.

Treatments offered at the clinic:

  • IV of High Dose Vitamin C (read more about this therapy on the treatments page).
  • Ozone Therapy to boos the oxygen level in the cells and tissues (read more about this therapy on the treatments page).
  • Special treatment of ulcer foot and deep, non-healing wounds.
  • Pain management and relieve.
  • Supportive treatments to the immune system.
  • Supportive treatmetns for cancer patients.
  • Rheumatic diseases.
  • Vascular diseases.
  • Improvement of quality of life.
  • Foot ulcers / diabetes foot.
  • Heart failure.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Athletes supportive treatment.
  • Anti-aging treatments.


Each and every patient starts off by seeing Dr. Attias for medical consultation, it’s best to have your medical file in order and bring it with you. You will build your treatment plan together with Dr. Attias, according to your needs and financial capabilitis. The type of treatments, quantity of meetings and the pricing are set individually per each patient, and the clinic offers discounted packages for patients who need to visit the clinic more often.


For more information and in order to set up time for consultation, please contact us.

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